Hacks for Purchasing a Used Car

Choosing a car can be challenging, especially when you’re not too familiar with the industry. There are so many types to choose from and so many dealers offering the “best deal,” so it can get a little confusing. But, don’t worry! Purchasing a used car can be an awesome way to save some money if you know what to look for. Here are some great tips for buying a used car.

Set Your Budget

Before dreaming about your new, used car, sit down and crunch some numbers. Studies show that 36% of your gross income can be used to pay off debt. This includes your mortgage and car loan payments. Keeping this in mind, try to allocate not more than 20% of your household income to purchase a new car. Calculating a reasonable car loan amount for your budget is simple. There are plenty of sites that allow you to calculate budgets with no effort. Simply plug in your info and let the site do all the work for you. Coming up with a precise budget is the best route.

 Also, remember to calculate:

Operating costs of the car like routine maintenance and repairs



Think About the Kind of Car You Need

The important thing to remember is to buy a vehicle that best fits your lifestyle. A big house in the suburbs may look great in magazines, but you need a city car if you don’t drive much or like to explore. Consider if your budget will allow you the extras like satellite radio and Bluetooth capabilities or if your earnings would be better spent on fuel economy, safety features, and vehicle life expectancy. Cars are available in several sizes and shapes, but each one is designed for a reason. Think about what is important to you in order to buy a vehicle that’s right for

Inspect the Car & Test Drive It

If you aren’t familiar with how cars work, take a trusted mechanic along for the ride. They’ll know what to look for and will be an invaluable asset. During the test drive, watch out for strange noises as this could indicate engine problems.