How To Bank Smartly And Increase Your Wealth

Banking can be a complicated process. There are so many banks to choose from, and once you pick one, disclosures and the fine print can be confusing to navigate for even the most experienced consumer. This step is followed by you having to check the rates and fees, which have more variety than Starbucks lattes. That’s why we collated these tips and tricks to enable you to bank smartly — so you can be more efficient with your money and time.

Reassess Your Bank

As per data from a survey conducted for Bankrate and Money in 2017, the average American adult has had the same primary checking account for approximately 16 years. From technological advances to new players in the industry, so much has changed during that period. The marketplace is constantly evolving with innovative products and features and new offers that might put extra cash in your pocket, make your life more convenient, or both. So it is wise to have your antenna up and be on the lookout for something that is a better deal or works better for your financial lifestyle.

Never Make the Assumption that Your Bank Is Giving You the Best Rate

While your bank may appreciate you as a customer, that doesn’t necessarily mean you are earning an annual percentage yield (APY) that is competitive from them.

Don’t Be Confused by A High Rate

Skim through the fine print to check how long the rate being offered to you will last. Although an introductory or promotional rate may be competitive, it could only last you a few months or a year. You must be vigilant after that period expires, especially if the APY following the initial period varies vastly.

Plan Your Bank Interactions Strategically

As long as it’s not time-bound, try to plan a visit to your bank branch. If you’re visiting for a mortgage, ensure that you get to speak to a mortgage specialist when you arrive. If the bank allows it, call ahead and set up an appointment with them; it won’t only make your experience more enriching but also be less time-consuming. As of today, several transactions can be done over the Internet, so inquire if this is a time-saving option.

If you want to call the bank’s customer service, avoid the peak nine-to-five hours. You’ll save wait time if you call either early morning or late at night.