How to Stay Productive When Working from Home

For employees who have had to make the switch to remote working, staying productive can be challenging when you have to manage the demands of your daily job along with family and home concerns. Here are pointers to help you keep track of tasks and meet deadlines while working remotely:

Create a Schedule With Your Family

There may be occasions when your school-aged children are around while you’re working from home. Staying productive while caring for kids can certainly be a task. If you’re currently facing this scenario, it’s essential to share a clear schedule that the entire family can adhere to. Make your schedules such that child care can be accommodated. For instance, one spouse can work in the morning while the other works later in the day.

Keep Your Workspace Separate

Though working from your bed or couch can surely be tempting, try to create a more official atmosphere. This could be a real desk or office space in your home or a makeshift workspace in the dining area. Ideally, your workspace requires a door to prohibit any distractions. You could also stock supplies such as a printer, computer, paper, headphones, etc. Do this so you don’t have to leave the room time and again to fetch things you might need, as this will only hamper your productivity.

Take Regular Breaks

You can’t keep working for hours on end. If productivity is your priority, take frequent breaks and give your body and mind time to refresh. Take at least a few minutes to stand, fetch some water or hang out with your pet every hour or so.

Occasionally during the day, take longer breaks to engage with others, too. Spare 20 minutes to play with the kids, check in with your parents, or walk with your partner or pet. Forget about work for a bit to help yourself rejuvenate.

Avoid Digital Distractions

At work, you may not have the chance to check social media, but you may be tempted to do so at home. Unfortunately, falling down the social media rabbit hole is very easy. One quick glance at a person’s comment and, before you know it, an hour of work time has been lost.

To avoid these digital distractions, do what you can to remove them completely. Get social platforms off your bookmarks. Log out of every account active on your work desktop. Turn off alerts and notifications and place your phone in the bedroom. Once you’ve logged out of work for the day, you can allow yourself time for social media.